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I make all jewelry by hands.

My favorite technique is wax-carving. It's like creating a sculpture, but very miniature. Most part of process I do under a microscope.

Now almost each jeweler works using 3D-program: 3D-artist creates a 3D model of jewelry, than it is cut out on a special machine. 

This greatly simplifies the workflow, but I consciously prefer the manual modeling technique, despite of its complexity.


I believe that making a jewel with my own hands, I can fill it with soul and life. It is interesting for me to carefully work out every detail of the jewelry by myself.

Manual method allows jeweller to show his mastery of the jewelry craft and constantly improve his skill.


I love asymmetric, dynamic and at the same time balanced forms, I love the sensuality of the curves in the works, the smoothness and at the same time randomness.

Wax allows me to express even complex forms.


My main helpers in my job are:


An electric spatula - it warm up the wax and allow me “build up” the wax at specific areas. You can see the main assistant in the photo :)

Drill and burs (milling cutters) - they can cut and model shapes.


Incisors -  a scalpel, engraver, etc.


I take a bar of wax and than carefully and painstakingly cut out future model using my tools, which is later cast in metal - silver, gold or platinum.


Working with metal include a lot of stages: sawing sprues, grinding, polishing, setting stones, leveling geometry, cleaning, soldering, and so on.

And only after many hours of variety working processes, the finished jewelry is finally can be ship to its owners :)

I hope you were interested in learning about the intricacies of the jewelry craft!


Watch the video below, it clearly shows everything that I talked about in this article.