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Before placing an individual order, please read the policy for accepting individual orders!


An individual jewelry is a special jewelry according to your idea, which I create in a single copy. Such work is 100% unique. Your personal jewelry will be the only one in the whole world!

Creating an individual jewelry is a long and laborious process, so I rarely accept such orders, because I make all the products by hand on my own and I always have a lot of orders, so I can only allocate a limited amount of time for individual work.


I take only those individual orders that are close to my style.


Attention! No discounts apply to an individual order, including the discount for a regular customer and for the first order. These discounts can be used on absolutely any jewelry from the catalog, but an individual jewelry is a unique jewelry that requires long and laborious work. I cannot give discounts for this type of work, due to the high complexity and cost of production processes.


As a rule, I take no more than 2 individual orders per month.

What orders do I NOT accept?

1. I do not make copies of the works of other masters and do not repeat "exactly the same ring as in the picture." You can send me photos of other works so that I can better understand your idea, but I do the work exclusively according to my own design and in my own style by your idea. You can also send your sketch and I will adapt it to the jewelry format.


I do not copy other people's designs, as this is contrary to professional ethics.


2. I do not repeat other people's individual orders.


3. I don’t work on vague requests from the category “I want a ring with a little gem”. Please send photo examples and describe your wishes in as much detail as possible so that I understand what you want!

Together with you, we will think over the details of your idea, but we need to build on something.

How to place an individual order?

In the form below, please describe your idea in as much detail as possible, it is very desirable to attach photo examples, so I will better understand what you want and draw sketches.


Please keep in mind that the creation of an individual work from a sketch to the final result is a long process. The duration depends on the complexity of each specific work, but, as a rule, the turnaround time for an individual order is about 40 working days.

If you want to give someone a special gift in the form of a unique jewelry, it is better to send me a form with a description of the order 3 months before the desired date so that I can guide you in terms and cost.

The cost of individual work, as a rule, from $700. The cost depends entirely on the complexity of the product, so each work is calculated individually.


Individual works cost much more than the products presented in the catalog, since each individual jewel is designed from scratch, taking into account all the wishes of the person and is 100% unique.


I guarantee the high quality of the jewelry, the unique design and the durability of the work - the jewel will remain with you for life and will be passed down from generation to generation. I also provide a lifetime guarantee: for the rest of your life, you can give me the product for free professional cleaning, recovering and repair, if you accidentally damage it.


After receiving your request, I will email you if I can take the order. If I can, then I will indicate the terms, cost and we will continue further discussion.

That's all! Feel free to ask your questions, I will be happy to help!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Your jeweller,

The process of creation an individual jewelry

When I receive your request and understand that the idea can be implemented, I write to you and we clarify all the details. After that, I start sketching.

Further work takes place taking into account all the parameters visualized in the sketch. However, you must understand that the final result will differ from the image on paper, because a sketch is just a 2D image, and jewelry is a material object that you and I can image in different ways, even though the basis is the same image.


Once the sketch is approved by client, I get to work. My main technique is casting on a wax model. To do this, I create a master model of jewelry in a special jewelry wax, which is then cast in metal.

This stage is the longest and most complex, because it is at this stage the sketch turns into a model of the future jewelry.

After creation of the model, it is cast in metal and the final transformation into the finished work, after the process of grinding, polishing, setting stones and many other stages.

And, voila, your idea turns into a treasure that will stay with you for life and will be passed down from generation to generation!

This is a 14k yellow gold ring with a hand-cut family stone in the photo. Exists in a single copy. Doesn't repeat.

To make a request for an individual order, please fill out this form: