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• Can I cancel the order?


You can cancel it if readiness of the order less than 70%.

If I made your order more than 70%, I cannot provide a cancellation option, because I spent my time and resources. Each jewelry is handmade and it's creation takes a lot of time.

If the readiness of the jewelry is less than 70%, I'll make a refund within 2 working days. All commissions of bank transfers are paid by the client.

The stage of readiness of the jewelry is determined solely by me, as the manufacturer.


If you are outside of Ukraine, I can return the payment ONLY through PayPal. All commissions in case of cancellation of the order are paid by the client. If I can only pay the fees for the refund through the payment system on my part, these fees will be deducted from the refund amount.




• Can I return/exchange an order?

I provide the possibility of exchange and return.

You can return or excange jewelry within 7 actual days from the moment it was sent to the recipient (please note that the countdown of days starts from the moment the parcel is received by the postal office or courier, and not the receipt of the product by the client). Returns are allowed if:


Product defect or mistake on my part. For example, I made the ring in the wrong size, with the wrong gemstone, etc.

I'm very attentive to my duties, however, I'm not a robot, so from time to time I can make a mistake, for which I'm always ready to take responsibility and provide you with maximum compensation.


I DON'T provide the opportunity to return or exchange if on my part all obligations are fulfilled correctly in accordance with the order criteria, but the client:


1. Just changed his mind.


2. Imagined the product differently/inattentively read the description and in life the jewelry turned out to be different.


I provide detailed photos of each jewelry from different angles. A detailed description is provided for the jewelry - parameters, weight, description and photo of coatings, additional articles about covering, photos of gemstones, sizes of gemstones. I'm also always ready to provide additional photos.

If you have any questions about the products or need some additional information, photos or videos, please contact me by email lisova.jeweller@gmail.com before placing an order, I will be happy to help!

For exchange / return, the packaging must not show signs of natural wear and tear, must not be damaged. It is allowed to open the package, but the box itself and its contents must be intact. The product must not show signs of use.

Refunds and exchanges of products are carried out ONLY after receiving the products back and checking their integrity and condition.

In the products are damaged or have signs of wear, the product is sent back to the client without a refund / exchange possibility, all related costs and commissions are paid by the client.




• Can I return/exchange an individual order?


No, such orders are unique, carried out on an individual basis and exist in a single copy, they have no alternative for exchange. I also don't accept returns for such orders, because this is a very complex, lengthy and energy-consuming work, and I can’t compensate my time and resources spent on its creation, just like selling such work to someone else.


Fortunately, I have not had a single request for an exchange / return of an individual work so far and I would very much like to continue to do so. Therefore, please, make an individual order only if you are 100% sure that you need it. Details about the individual order you can find here: "INDIVIDUAL ORDER".







• My product was damaged or lost during shipping, what should I do?


Please contact me by lisova.jeweller@gmail.com


In the event that an item has been lost/damaged by postal service, I will need official documentary evidence from the postal office that the item was indeed lost/damaged. After the official statement of this fact, I have the opportunity to send a request for compensation to the postal service, and then transfer this compensation to you.


Attention! Postal services of different countries may charge additional tax or customs fee. These costs are paid by the recipient. I am NOT responsible for taxation. However, at your request, I can set the minimum announced value, mark the shipment as a gift to minimize additional taxes. To do this, indicate your request in the comments to the order.


Please check the integrity of the packaging and product upon receipt. If you do not inspect the parcel in the presence of the postal office or the courier, you automatically confirm that everything is okay with the parcel. In this case, I will not have official reason to send a request for compensation, since you accepted the package, thereby confirming that everything is okay with package.




• My product was delayed at the post office, I'm tired of waiting, can I get my money back?


No, in this case, I do not return the funds, because I have fulfilled all my obligations and the work has not been damaged or lost, and I cannot influence the postal delivery time in any way and I am not responsible for postal service work.




• International delivery and delivery within Ukraine


International delivery is carried out wherever there is an international postal connection, and delivery in Ukraine - wherever there is a postal connection through the "Nova Poshta" service. That is, to such territories as Donetsk, Lugansk region, Crimea, North Korea, I, of course, cannot send. A list of countries I DO NOT ship to can be found here: "List of countries for international shipping".




• Ethics of communication


With each client, my team and I communicate respectfully, politely and tactfully. We expect the same respect in our address. If the client allows himself to behave incorrectly or be rude - our cooperation ends and the client is blacklisted forever, and the order is canceled. We work only on the principle of mutual respect.


Refunds in case of cancellation of the order due to incorrect behavior of the client are carried out in the manner described in the first paragraph.


If the client has not read the policy, I am not responsible for this and work only on the basis of the provisions set out above.


By placing an order on the site, you agree to the policies and conditions set out above.